Day 5 Honduras

Editor’s Note: I just realized that this post has been sitting as a draft for the past few days…. enjoy!

Today started off a slow, rainy morning. We had breakfast together over at the priest’s house. The kids were back in school, so the ranch was almost silent. Due to the rain and temperature being around 70 degrees, it was a colder day for the Hondurans so they kept the kids inside during the siesta time. However, you can’t keep these amazing, energized kids inside all day. We split up into two groups in the afternoon. Four of us went to the soccer court and the rest of us went to the school play ground.  These kids here are incredible; even though they have been through so much, they are very open and loving. We just walk up to a group of kids who are playing all over the play ground and at least one kid will run up and want to give us a hug. I am now able to ask them what their name is, then they ask me mine, and that is all we need to play together. I played a game of basketball with two boys. We played for an hour shooting hoops which involved a lot of missed shots, laughing, and showing off my once-in-a-lifetime basketball skills, because the hoop was only 3 feet above my head. I lifted up the boys so they could make slam dunks and they loved it. When it was time for me to head to Mass the boys and I did our hand shakes we created and then they wanted a hug. I gave them a hug, spun them around, and waved goodbye to my two new friends. We ended the day with Mass and dinner at the Moscati center followed by games up at the priest’s house.   My time here at the NPH ranch has been a blessing and life chancing experience. The kids here are so happy with the simpler things in life and it has helped me realize what is most important in life again.

-Logan McGahan

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