Day 7 in Honduras

The Triduum of blog posts to catch up on our updates is complete…

Today (Wednesday) we hiked up a mountain- well, part of it, anyway. The ranch that we’re on is on the side of a mountain, and since the kids are all in school in the mornings, we took a couple of hours to hike the trail. The view from the top was awesome! Group pictures to come later (there’s a little problema tecnico at the moment).

The afternoon was free to help out around the ranch. After a siesta, I went out and found some kids to play soccer with. I never really got into soccer in America, but here it is el deporte numero uno so it didn’t take much for me to start playing just about the most intense soccer I’ve ever played. It was quite fun, though!

We had Mass, cooked our own dinner, and stopped by a night soccer game afterwards. I ran into a couple of young friends I’ve made this past week. Actually, it was they who recognized me first; it was so touching to hear them call out to me and have a conversation with me. I’m told that these kids don’t have many male role models to look up to, so I try to do my part, even though it is a small one. I also had a conversation with some American volunteers, who have been down here for about 6 months and who have committed to stay at least another 6 more. After being part of the life for nearly a week, it’s not hard to see that this is definitely a cause worthy of such a great gift of time.

Tomorrow, we have an early morning and an all-ranch Mass, so I’d better head to bed now. Thanks for keeping up with us and know that you are in our prayers!

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