Day 8 in Honduras

We’ve safely made it home after 15 hours of travel yesterday- more on that later. Here is a recap of Thursday from one of the men in our group:

Our last day in Honduras started with a 7:30am Community Mass in the Main outdoor chapel of NPH. It was special event because the kids from the organization One Family came to the ranch. One Family is a group of kids that go back home to live with their family after a couple of years of living at the NPH ranch. They bring the kids back twice a year for events. After the Mass the day was filled with different events for the kids.

Usually the kids would have classes, but those seemed to be canceled due to the kids of One Family visiting. The different events that were scheduled all had prizes associated with them. The one that caught the attention of the kids the most was the climbing of a 35 ft pole and who ever reached the top would receive 500 lempiras which is the equivalent of $20 U.S dollars. The kids never got close although their tíos from their hogar were encouraging them not to give up. The reason why it was so hard for them to reach the top was that the wooden pole was doused in animal fat the night before so the pole was very slippery. The adults had a fun time watching the kids try to get the money. This was also the time that we played frisbee with the kids, as well as started a little basketball game.

Jonathon and I had to step away a little earlier than we would have liked to start preparing our last dinner here in Honduras. On the menu was fettuccini chicken Alfredo. The night ended with a visit from Hermana Kolbe, and we shared all of our graces from this trip with her. She shared with us the story of the late Fr. Wasson, the founder of NPH, as well as her own story of how she became involved with NPH.

The several things that I would take away from this trip are patience, vulnerability, and humility. Patience because we had many schedule changes and at times had to call an audible at the time of what was scheduled. Being vulnerable to the Lord’s will has shown me that He will guide me to where he needs me to show his people His love. This trip has made me more aware of what things I take for granted back home, and has made me more humble and thankful for the things that I do have.

-Jose “Pepe” Sandoval

Our picture with Hermana (Sister) Kolbe, the religious who helps out at NPH
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