Dia Uno in Honduras

Jesus + Mary + Joseph

We’ve arrived at Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, after traveling for 10 hours to get to Honduras and getting our bearings in this new country (new for everyone except for Fr. Gitter). The trip was happily uneventful, in that everything happened according to plan. However, the landing into the Tegucigalpa airport is an adventure in itself, because the airport is in a valley and the pilot has to make a U-turn around the mountain before landing. The plane flew so close to the mountain that we were able to read signs along the road. As is the custom on these flights, everyone applauded once the plane landed.

Once we were out of the airport and breathing the fresh Honduran air, we went to a local shopping mall and got lunch. Pro tip- Honduran fried chicken is muy delicioso. After making a grocery run, we drove to the orphanage from which I’m writing this blog post. It’s huge, with 1500 acres of very well-guarded property tucked away into Honduras’ beautiful countryside. After Fr. Gitter gave us a brief tour of part of the ranch, we laid low for a bit, prayed a Holy Hour together, and celebrated Mass with part of the community here. It was the first time I was able to genuinely encounter and pray with the people here, and I was edified by the joyful spirit of prayer that I found.

We are all tired but happy to be here and looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us! Thanks for reading this update. Hasta luego!

Piled up in the car, about to leave from the Honduras airport. L to R: Logan, Oliver, Charlie, Jonathan, Paul, Steven, and Alex.
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