Honduras Day 4(Jonathan.H):

This morning we got the gracious gift of being able to sleep in. We all met up for breakfast at 8:30am, since I was the one cooking I had an earlier rising than most men. We had eggs and chorizo for breakfast. Our coffee pot is broken and the coffee maker is cracked as well. Needless to say we have become creative at brewing coffee. After breakfast we went through the schedule for the day ( which always seems to change). Afterwards, we had free time to help or do whatever we want until 2pm. When we were walking back to our building we noticed lots of shouting and thought there are kids playing! We changed and followed the shouting to find so many kids playing soccer, basketball, volleyball, playing with toys, running around, playing on the playground. We ended up splitting up where we wanted to go. I went to the volleyball court where I met a kid named Thomas and formed a team with my brother seminarian Logan and Thomas. We got creamed by these Honduran boys! Logan and I played for awhile and went through many team changes and wins and loses. We eventually had to leave, we showered and got in a van to go to our next destination. We made a visit to a town called “Ciudad Blanca”. The founder of this town read a book written by Saint Theresa of Calcutta, got inspired and built this town. The town takes in physically handicapped and mentally ill people and helps them. We had a mass with the community and left afterwards back to the NPH ranch. Where we played with more kids then had a holy hour. We then had dinner with the medical group that came in to the ranch to minister to those that need it. Afterwards, we ended the night by playing some board games and having some good laughs. Throughout this trip I have been learning what it means to have childlike love. Some of these kids come from backgrounds of extreme hurt, yet the way they love you wouldn’t ever know it. They come up to you and hug you and just want to be loved and played with. I am excited to see what more the lord has in store for me by the end of the trip.


-Jonathan Hernandez

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