Let the little children come to me

Day 3 in Honduras:

Today was the most busy since we have been down here.   After breakfast and morning prayer we visited Casa Emmanuel, Casa de Angeles and Casa San Juan.  These three Hogars, or “houses” are the homes for the disabled boys and men on the ranch.  One of the hogars has the boys that function at a higher level and when we first got there one of the young men latched onto Fr. Gitter for most of morning.  Father took him on a walk to the playground and seeing Fr. Gitter with the young man reminded me of God the Father’s love for me.  I could see that the most important thing for the young man was not what Fr. Gitter said but that Fr. Gitter took the time to simply be with and love the young man.  It was truly beautiful to see them interact with each other and how much the young man loved Fr Gitter.  Logan, Paul, Jonathan and myself washed and painted some walls of a Hogar for the disabled boys and I could see the love and joy in their eyes and smiling faces.  I couldn’t help being happy around those boys, being mindful and starting to appreciating all the blessings that I receive every day.

After we finished painting we went back to San Cristobal, showered and then our whole group got together to tour the One World Surgery Center.  The surgery center has a beautiful chapel and a dentistry office attached to it.  The work that they do at the surgery center is amazing and I can see how important it is to the people here in Honduras.  We then went to the school and had a presentation on the Montessori method which is a catechesis program that they have been using since 2004.

We went over to the outdoor chapel around 4:00 pm to have some time of personal prayer before Mass, but the choir kids and the boys in charge of the sound system got there around 4:20 pm.  Jonathan and I stayed to be with the kids and he translated for me as we talked with the kids.  They gave both of us a try at playing the congo they had while another boy played the bongos and I had a lot of fun playing the congo with them.  In this ordinary encounter with the kids I once again could see the joy that is so vibrant here at NPH and couldn’t help smiling and laughing with the kids.  The joy that they have is truly inspiring and continues to cause me to reflect on my life and all the blessings that I have.   Thank you for reading and God bless. -Oliver Statz

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