A Bridge Between Hearts

God is so good!

After prayer in the Motherhouse this morning we went to our morning sites. Half of us went to  Daya Dan to help with the disabled children and the other half went to Nirmal Hriday with the dying and destitute. I was on the Daya Dan crew and it was amazing. We did everything from hanging laundry out to dry and feeding the kids to acting out Bible skits and dancing with them. The highlight of our morning was Mass for the Epiphany with the sisters, children, and other volunteers. We started off with Fr. Kelly calling 3 of us up in costume to provide a visual on the 3 kings and teach about the day’s solemnity.  I don’t know if there has ever been a Mass with such joyful singing – one of the boys even played along on the drums. Father preached about the meaning of the Wisemen’s gifts and explained that each of us could become a king by giving Jesus a gift. When he asked what a good gift would be for Jesus a little boy piped up “my heart!”. That says it all.

We had the afternoon off and spent it variously in prayer, rest, exploration, and volunteering. After a hour of prayer with Jesus at the Motherhouse we had a pizza party with some of the other volunteers, gave thanks for the blessings of the day,  and turned in early to get ready for another busy day.

The one grace that ties all the blessings of the day together for me has been to be a bridge for bringing Christ’s Eucharistic love to those He loves most. It has been super consoling to realize that, while I can’t fix the people I serve or help them like a doctor could, I can receive the King of the Universe into my heart every morning and then use that same heart to love the poor with. If at the end of the day all I can do is come back to the chapel and open my hands before Jesus, that is enough. He sees all the hands that they held, the mouths that they fed, and the faces they wiped, and He takes it all to himself. To think that He could be calling me to one day use these same hands to hold bread as it becomes His very body is too much for words. You just can’t beat the love of a God like that.

Thanks and prayers,

Ed Burke



Fr. Kelly Celebrates Epiphany Sunday at Daya Dan Seminarians do Epiphany Demonstration

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