How Good and How Pleasant it is when Brothers Live in Unity

Note on Blog post: we have had internet connection issues until we arrived at the airport to leave. This post was written following our visit to Morning Star Seminary on Sunday and Monday, January 12-13. Sorry for the delay.

Today we had the pleasure of spending most of the day at Morning Star Seminary. We began the day with Morning Prayer at 5:50 am followed by 6 am Holy Mass. we then had breakfast followed by a program put on by the seminarians welcoming us. They sang several traditional songs and gave speeches informing us about India and their seminary. During this program, we also got to sing and share about our seminary and faith in the USA. Then we were split up into smaller groups and we all got to share our own stories about how God brought us to where we are now. Then we had lunch followed by free time before the basketball game between the seminaries. This year team America won 59-30, granted having a 6 inch height advantage across the board helped a great deal. Finally, we came back to BMS, where we have stayed for the whole trip.

There were two things that really struck me today. First, the welcome that we received at the parish yesterday and the seminary today. The culture in India is incredibly hospitable and at both places we felt very welcomed and honored. They prepared extensive programs and they were all very excited to meet us and talk to us. At the seminary they canceled their classes and changed their regular schedule to be able to spend time with us and it was clear that they had been preparing for our visit for a while before we came.

In his homily, Fr. Kelly preached on the second thing that struck me, and that was when he said that while we all have very different stories of how God called and brought us to seminary of the priesthood, we are still united in that it was the same God that brought us there. One of my favorite parts of the day was when we were sharing our stories in our small groups and hearing in each of our brothers the same God calling him to seminary, whether that be by a continuous calling from a young age or the witness of a priest on martyrdom. Because of this unity and the welcome we recieved, we felt very much at home when we were at the seminary. As Psalm 133 says, “how good and how pleasant it is when brothers live in unity”.

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