A Long Days Journey

To journey to the other side of the planet is nothing to sneeze at, and still God’s hand is seen in all things, even when running through the Hong Kong International Airport! We rose the morning of December the 31st rared and ready for the long journey ahead of us. The night before we had planned and packed for everything the trip could throw at us, but there was just one thing: our inbound flight to Hong Kong was delayed. So there we were having breakfast in the basement of the Seminary after mass, all of us were bright eyed and bushy-tailed as we were just hours away from the adventure of a lifetime filled with exciting fun and Divine encounter. Max Mauch-Morff suddenly looked up and said,”I’m going to Singapore!” We all looked at him. “What?” one of us asked. “Yeah! Right here it says ‘Singapore'” Max turned the screen of his phone to us all, revealing this newest addendum to our travels. The few of us at SJV had a quick flight to Chicago where we would meet up with the other group of five. There in O’Hare International we all waited in line for our new itinerary of our respective courses. The new plan was that all of us were to stay the night in Hong Kong, then the next day (January 2nd) some of us were headed to a connection in Singapore, others were connected through Bangkok, and then two of us were rescheduled to fly directly to Kolkata from Hong Kong only a few hours later at around 9 o’clock p.m. (Confused yet?) Now this all was all too exciting! We were going to stay in this fancy new place for the night and in the morning we were going to take off on our side-quests, finally meeting in Kolkata. 

We boarded the plane in Chicago for the 16 hour leg of our journey, which was spent watching great movies and sparking up conversations with our row mates. There we were hurtling through the sky at 38000 feet nearly over the north-pole on New Years Eve Night!

What a way to begin the year and celebrate the Feast of Our Lady! Eventually news hit the group that gate agents were to meet us at the terminal in Hong Kong, get us our boarding passes for the next flight straight to Kolkata. Thank God for this, otherwise we were looking at splitting up our group all over the Orient, and having to arrange for all of our pickups when we finally reach our destination. Needless to say, we were looking to avoid this at all costs. So we got off the plane, ran to our checking point where the Hong Kong agents were ready to hand off our boarding passes and then personally escort us to the gate. We boarded just in time! Exhausted, we plopped down in our seats and tried to sleep away the four hour flight to Kolkata, the last leg of the trip. When we landed, because of our reroute, we had to make a claim for our luggage which was a day behind us.

We made it!

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