Christ Be Our Guide

Before I even stepped onto the plane I had visions of serving the poor left and right and bringing them the love of Christ. I can say the trip has been full of those opportunities, and I have learned from the Missionaries of Charity how to treat everyone with the greatest dignity; however, what I didn’t expect is how clearly Jesus would speak to me through my service.

Every morning I volunteer at Khalighat where the house of the dying is situated. An aspect of the daily routine is exercise for all the residents there which involves doing laps through the dormitory and the dining area. A worker pulled me aside and told me to assist the old man at his side. I immediately walked over and assumed the man needed the physical support I offered him. It took me about three laps to understand, but the man was blind and was communicating to me that he needed me to stand in front of him as a guide around the house. This changed the dynamic of the exercise because at first I figured the pace should be quite slow, rather, stepping in front of the man as his guide facilitated the whole process and we even picked up the pace. The next 30 minutes were filled with joy as music was playing over the speakers, and I incorporated some small dance moves in the walk.

On the surface this experience is what I expected from the trip: bring the light of Christ to those who haven’t seen His love. Upon reflection, I heard Jesus asking me to remember to always have Him as my guide and to trust Him though I may not see where He is leading me (in the big decisions and the day-to-day events). The Lord’s invitation to me that day, and this trip, is to trust Him, because when I accept His invitation everything that is asked of me is facilitated by means of His grace and filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit.

I pray that God the Father continues to teach me lessons about His love and myself through his children here in Kolkata. Know of my prayers!

St. Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us!

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