Grace upon Grace

“From his fulness we have all received, grace upon grace John 1:16

One of these graces came at Daya Dan, a home for children with developmental difficulties where I and my brothers volunteer on afternoons. The first time I was there, I felt drastically out of my comfort zone and helpless – I did not feel like I could offer anything. Returning a few days later, I felt dread in the morning, but asked Jesus to take it and give me whatever graces I needed for the afternoon. My second afternoon was better, but there were still questions on my heart – ‘what is Jesus doing, what am I contributing, how much time is left?’

Before returning for my last time, I still experienced these emotions of doubt, dread, and fear. In the morning, I asked Jesus that I might receive whatever He desired to give to me. Jesus gave me a great gift in a way I did not expect – He had me simply sit with the kids, ostensibly operating the projector, while they watched a movie. At the time, I questioned how exactly I was doing anything; only later in holy hour praying about my day, did I recognize how Jesus offered me a gift. The gift was humility in my poverty – in my inability of offer anything, Jesus provided and offered an opportunity to grow in humility and littleness.

In a way I did not expect, my prayer was answered, and I received this grace – one of many the Father has given me through his Son during my time in Kolkata. I am immensely grateful for the gift of being here. You are in my prayers!

St. Teresa of Kolkata, ora pro nobis!

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