Sister Prema

One of our last days in Kolkata, we had the privilege to meet with the superior general of the Missionaries of Charity – Sister Prema.  She is the third superior of the order and follows closely to the way in which Mother Teresa led the order.

The moment she stepped into the room, everyone could tell she was a holy woman.  She was absolutely radiant, and, as she spoke, you could easily see the joy she had from the Lord.  She spoke about many things to us, and she spoke in such a deliberate manner that it appeared as though she was consulting with the Holy Spirit in between her sentences.

Sister Prema spoke a lot about being wanted; she said the greatest poverty today is not being wanted and that we need to know that we are wanted and that we are needed, appreciated, and that every soul is precious.  She spoke also on trust saying that joy is a fruit of trust, and this joy is the first witness of the good news. She said that we need to live today wholeheartedly, not distracted by the past, not anxious about the future, but living fully in the present.  

Finally, she shared a few stories about Mother Teresa.  She spoke of what a calming presence Mother provided, how there was ‘nothing to worry’ when Mother was there.  Sister Prema told us that Mother always had a sharp wit and was genuinely funny and pleasant to be around. She told us a personal story of hers when she was a novice and how people would ask her to get them Mother’s signature.  Mother would always sign, “God Bless You – M. Teresa, M. C.” At one point, Sister Prema was feeling a little abashed at continually asking for Mother’s signature and felt the need to apologize, but Mother immediately consoled her and said she was writing “20 little acts of love.”  Mother Teresa looked at every letter she wrote as an opportunity to show love – “Do small things with great love.”

We were all incredibly grateful for the time we got to spend with Sister Prema and the many words and stories she shared with us.  She had a simple and small presence, and her smile was ever present as she spoke. I hope to take her words to heart and live more wholeheartedly in the day, making known to others that they are wanted, appreciated, and precious.

St. Teresa of Calcutta, Pray for Us!

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