The Cross of Christ

“Verily, there is no happiness but in the cross!” -St. Jean Marie Vianney

The most beautiful takeaway I have from this trip is the universality of the cross of Jesus Christ. Our first week we went on a trip to a school. While at the school I encountered a child who was crying, and I did my best to comfort her. I carried her around the room showing her all the pictures on the walls and nothing was working. I finally sat down with her. As she continued to cry, I was moved to show her the cross I wear around my neck. As soon as I held the cross up to her, she stopped crying and we had a moment of peace. This child, who likely wasn’t a Christian and didn’t speak the same language, found peace in the cross of Jesus Christ.

A few days later, we began volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity. I was assigned to the home for abandoned special needs children, Daya Dan. My first ten minutes were rather uncomfortable because I had no instruction of what to do or say. I eventually sat down with one of the boys and tried to communicate with him. He leaned towards my chest, and I was confused at first. I held him back but saw the look of love in his eyes. I realized in that moment that he was trying to kiss that same cross that hung around my neck. I offered it to him and as he kissed it, I was reminded again of the love poured forth upon the world over two thousand years ago.

The Holy Cross of Jesus Christ is the bridge to our heavenly father. If more people possessed the love of the cross that these children do, how much better our world would be! I ask for the grace to love and embrace more fully my cross every day and that my love of the cross will radiate to those around me. Please join me!

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