Rev. Kevin Zilverberg, S.S.D. (Cand.)

Assistant Professor of Sacred Scripture, Director of the Msgr. Quinn Institute for Biblical Studies, and Formation Director (2014)


S.S.D. (Cand.), Pontifical Biblical Institute, Italy, 2016-
S.S.L., Pontifical Biblical Institute, Italy, 2014
S.T.B. & M.Div., – St. John Vianney Theological Seminary (summa cum laude), Colorado, 2007
B.A., in Philosophy & Catholic Studies – St. John Vianney College Seminary, Univ. of St. Thomas, 2003

Office Location: Fr. Charles Froehle Administration Bldg., Room 124

Phone: (651) 962-5068

Fax: (651) 962-5790

Email: ude.s1563227579amoht1563227579ts@gr1563227579ebrev1563227579lizjk1563227579

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Mailing Address:

The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity
2260 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105

Curriculum Vitae: View PDF

Areas of Teaching and Research

  • Latin
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament

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Faculty Accomplishments

Published Works:

book chapters

“The Nova Vulgata.” In The Oxford Handbook to the Latin Bible, edited by Hugh A. G. Houghton. Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

“Old Latin Daniel in Antiphons and the Benedicite of the Earliest Manuscripts of the Roman Mass and Office.” In Resourcing the Prayers of the Roman Liturgy: Patristic Sources: Proceedings of the Tenth Fota International Liturgical Conference, 2017, edited by Joseph Briody, 34-47. Wells, Somerset, England: Smenos, 2018. ISBN 9781910388341.

“The Neo-Vulgate as Official Liturgical Translation.” In Verbum Domini: Liturgy and Scripture: Proceedings of the Ninth Fota International Liturgical Conference, 2016, edited by Joseph Briody, 93-125. Wells, Somerset, England: Smenos, 2017. ISBN 9781910388310.

co-edited books

Rodríguez Piedrabuena, Sandra, Gréta Kádas, and Sara Macías Otero, eds. Approaches to Greek and Latin Language, Literature and History: Kατὰ σχολήν. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019. ISBN: 1527518493.


Sequentia de casta Susanna = Sequence on Susanna the Chaste.” In Vates: The Journal of New Latin Poetry 15 (forthcoming).

“Ad sacerdotium vocatio mea.” In Vox Latina (forthcoming).

“Index Locorum.” In Visiones y Aspectos Puntuales de la Épica Grecorromana. Manuales y Anejos de “Emerita” 53, edited by Dulce Estefanía Álvarez, 277-293. Madrid: CSIC, 2018. ISBN: 9788400103590.

Presentations & Accomplishments:

“Cultic Vocabulary in Vetus Latina Daniel,” The 13th International Colloquium on Late and Vulgar Latin (Latin Vulgaire – Latin Tardif XIII), Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary, Sept. 6, 2018.

“The Interlinear Latin Translation of Greek Daniel in the Complutensian Polyglot Bible,” Congress of the International Association for Neo-Latin Studies, University of Castile-La Mancha, Albacete, Spain, July 30, 2018.

“Hablar en Latín Hoy,” [“Speaking in Latin Today,”] a lecture for a graduate course on Greek and Latin lexicography, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Madrid, Nov. 16, 2017 (

“The Textual History of Old Latin Susanna,” presented as the doctoral lectio coram publico, which completes the preparatory year, Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, Oct. 27, 2017 (

“Pericopes Act. 12,1-17 Latinitas iuxta Vulgatam Editionem Restitutam,” [“The Latinity of the Pericope Act. 12:1-17 according to the Restored Vulgate Edition,”] given while on staff for the annual conference of the Institutum Veterum Sapientia, Belmont Abbey College, NC, July 31 – Aug. 5, 2017.

“Capitulum Tertium Libri Geneseos iuxta Veterem Latinam Versionem et Vulgatae Comparatum,” [“The Third Chapter of the Book of Genesis according to the Old Latin Version and Compared to the Vulgate,”] given while on staff for the annual conference of the Institutum Veterum Sapientia, Washington, DC, July 31 – Aug. 6, 2016.

“Introductio In Latinitatem Biblicam,” [“Introduction to Biblical Latinity,”] given while on staff for the annual conference of the Institutum Veterum Sapientia, Washington, DC, Aug. 2-8, 2015.

Cenaculum Familiae Sancti Hieronymi, Vallombrosa Center, Menlo Park, CA, July 27 – Aug. 1, 2015. (Audio recordings of all Latin lectures given for the Familia Sancti Hieronymi are available for purchase from Editiones Familiae Sancti Hieronymi, Clearwater, FL.)

  • “Octo Hebraismi in Vocabulario Biblico,” [“Eight Hebraisms in Biblical Vocabulary”].
  • “Sequentiae Verbales Hebraicae Latine Redditae,” [“Hebrew Verbal Sequences in Latin”].
  • “Vita Sanctae Mariae a Iesu Crucifixo, illius « Arabulae »,” [“The Life of Saint Mary of Jesus Crucified, the Little Arab”].

“My Own Calling and Youth Vocational Discernment,” Highmore, SD, June 24, 2015.

Cenaculum Familiae Sancti Hieronymi, Visitation Monastery, Mobile, AL, Jul. 31 – Aug. 5, 2014.

  • “De Formis Verborum Temporalium Hebraicorum,” [“Hebrew Verbal Forms”].
  • “Gn 37,1-11:  Biblia Latina ex Hebraicis Versa,” [“Gn 37:1-11: The Latin Bible as Hebrew Translation”].
  • Two lectures on: “1Sm 1,7-11:  Biblia Latina ex Hebraicis Versa,” [“1Sm 1:7-11: The Latin Bible as Hebrew Translation”].

“The Bible in the Mass,” Hoven, SD, Sun., Aug. 4, 2013.

Cenaculum Familiae Sancti Hieronymi, Casa De Oración Octaviano Márquez Y Toriz, Puebla, Mexico, Jul. 27 – Aug. 2, 2013.

  • “De Formatione Hebraici Canonis Veteris Testamenti,” [“The Formation of the Hebrew Canon”].
  • “De Formatione Graeci Canonis Veteris Testamenti,” [“The Formation of the Greek Old Testament Canon”].
  • “De Formatione Canonis Novi Testamenti,” [“The Formation of the New Testament Canon”].

Three lectures in Spanish on the formation of the biblical canon, Coscomatepec de Bravo, Mexico, July 24-26, 2013.

“Catholic Rome,” for Feast of Faith series, Highmore, SD, Sept. 14, 2012.

Cenaculum Familiae Sancti Hieronymi, Visitation Monastery, Mobile, AL, Aug. 2-8, 2011.

  • Three-part lecture series: “Canon Bibliorum Sacrorum in Historia et Theologia,” [“The Biblical Canon in History and Theology”].

Narrator part for dramatization of Luke-Acts, Neo-Vulgate edition, recorded by Faith Comes by Hearing in Newark, NJ, July 25-30, 2011.

Liber Psalmorum. Clearwater, FL: Familia Sancti Hieronymi, 2010. Sound recording. (contributor)

Cenaculum Familiae Sancti Hieronymi, Franciscan Center, Tampa, FL, Aug. 2-7, 2010.

  • “De Pueritia, Iuventute, et Vocatione Sancti Sarbelii Makhlūf,” [“The Childhood, Adolescence and Vocation of Saint Sharbel Makhlūf”].
  • “De Sancto Sarbelio Monacho et Eremita,” [“Saint Sharbel the Monk and Hermit”].
  • “De Morte Sancti Sarbelii et Miraculis Eius,” [“The Death and Miracles of Saint Sharbel”].

Cenaculum Familiae Sancti Hieronymi, Casa San José del Valle, Valle de Bravo, Mexico, July 27 – Aug. 2, 2009.

  • “De Declaratione « Dignitatis humanae » Concilii Vaticani Secundi:   Argumenta Contra Schemata Quæ Præcedebant Finalem Declarationem,” [“The Declaration Dignitatis humanae of the Second Vatican Council: Arguments Against the Schemata Preceding the Final Declaration”].
  • “Pars Altera de Declaratione « Dignitatis humanae »:  Argumenta Episcoporum Qui Favebant Schematibus Præcedentibus,” [“Second Part on the Declaration Dignitatis humanae: Arguments of Bishops who Favored the Preceding Schemata”].
  • “De Alicia Buxbaum, quae in Religione Mater Maria a Sancto Ioanne a Cruce,” [“Alice Buxbaum, Mother Mary of St. John of the Cross in Religious Life,”].

Cenaculum Familiae Sancti Hieronymi, Visitation Monastery, Mobile, AL, Aug. 5-11, 2008.

  • “De Litteris Encyclicis Summi Pontificis Benedicti XVI, « Deus caritas est »,” [“The Encyclical Letter of Pope Benedict XVI Deus caritas est,”].
  • “De Liturgia Horarum uti Via ad Linguam Latinam Discendam,” [“The Liturgy of the Hours as an Aid to Learning Latin,”].

“Gregorian Chant: An Introduction for the Laity,” Holy Spirit Parish, Sioux Falls, St. Mary Parish, Sioux Falls, Sts. Peter and Paul Parish, Pierre, SD, 2007 & 2008.


Professional Interests

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