Fr. Kelly’s Update

Dear Friends!
Just a brief update from the local shepherd…Half of the group is taking the day to rest, pray at the Motherhouse and share stories with the other volunteers inside the walls of our peaceful lodging. The other half of the seminarians have taken to go to another MC site within walking distance to be with handicapped men. We will meet for lunch and decide what the rest of the day holds for us.
A grace for me so far has been to watch these men take to these opportunities like fish in water. You can be very proud of them as am I. Also, I have been able to preside and preach at the morning Mass at the Motherhouse for what will be four mornings in a row. It has been like giving a mini-retreat. I also gave a talk on prayer to the volunteers yesterday. I hear confessions during the evening holy hour but also at impromptu times throughout the day.
My time here continues to deepen my priestly identity and fills me with gratitude and joy, partially because being a priest at the Motherhouse for the Missionaries of Charity is like being Jon Bon Jovi in the early 1990’s! More later…Tata as we say in Bengali!
Mutual prayers in the hearts of Jesus and Mary,
Fr. Kelly
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