Anything But Average

Praised be Jesus Christ.

I believe it to be providential and fitting that the Lord allowed me to write the blog for today. From my own experience and the graces shared by my brothers, it seems like it has been a fairly normal day (at least as normal as India can get). We had our regular volunteer sessions at Kalighat/Daya Dan in the morning and afternoon, with prayer and meals in between. A few of us stayed back due to illness, so pray for us!

Despite the seemingly normal day, a day with our Lord is anything but average. Here in India, it seems as if we are being formed into Missionaries of Charity (MC). However, being a Missionary of Charity looks different for every one of us, as the Lord expresses His love and thirst for humanity in different ways. For some of my brothers, the love of Christ shows itself in their great deeds and visible love for everyone they meet, and the joy that others find in them. For others, it is shown in their ability to listen. For some it is shown in their child like simplicity, while others express it in fantastic humor. And for the select few, the Lord shows His love in weakness and sickness. If there is anything I have learned here in India, it is that each expression of love is an expression of God Himself. One is not greater than the other, but each one is unique and beautiful to God. This means that we can all be Missionaries of Charity, no matter where we are.

There is a prayer that the MCs pray every morning after Mass, and one of the lines says, “In forgetting self, one finds.” This, I believe, is the secret of love which forms someone into a Missionary of Charity. It involves abandoning one’s joys, expectations, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, responsibilities, and simply their whole self into the hands of our Father who thirsts for nothing but us. No conditions, no success, no amazing plans needed except you and the Father.  After abandoning ourselves for all eternity without desire of gaining ourselves back, we enter into the eternal memory of God Himself, our only joy and our only desire. And entering into this life, we give the Father permission to make us Jesus Christ on earth. One must not go to India to discover this (Jesus is waiting in every tabernacle), but let my time here simply be a testament to all that the Lord will do just to have YOU both now and forever. Amen.

Josh Richards


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