Joyful Catholic Leaders Campaign

A strategic vision for forming highly effective leaders for the Church.

Saint John Vianney College Seminary and The Saint Paul Seminary, known collectively as The Seminaries of Saint Paul, are uniquely positioned to take the next step forward to form joyful, Catholic leaders for the next generation.

In collaboration with the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis and the University of St. Thomas, The Seminaries of Saint Paul aspires to be a regional center of education and formation for priests, deacons and lay leaders.

Now, more than ever, our Church and our world need joyful, Catholic leaders who will transform our parishes, schools and communities while radiating a deep, abiding joy that comes from knowing and serving Christ.

Strategic Funding Priorities

Enhancing College Seminary Formation$10 MILLION

Formation requirements have expanded tremendously in the past 20 years. Enhancing the current facilities of Saint John Vianney College Seminary will create an environment that meets the increased program needs for today’s college seminarians, supports the vibrant spiritual and community life of the seminary, and allows priestly discernment to flourish.


Establishing Leadership Formation Programs$20 MILLION

Our parishes, our schools and our communities thrive under the leadership of those who are committed to the faith and guide others with humility, kindness and courage. Three new institutes at The Saint Paul Seminary—for ongoing clergy formation, Catholic school leadership and diaconate formation—will prepare highly effective leaders to build up the kingdom of God.


Preparing Joyful Priests for the Future$17 MILLION

Priestly formation is the heart of the seminary’s mission, preparing men to live holy lives of service. With the increasing cost of higher education, a more robust endowment at The Saint Paul Seminary will keep the cost of seminary education affordable and provide long-term, dependable resources to prepare good men to become great priests for generations to come.


Partner with us in this important work.

To learn more about this initiative and how you can participate, please contact:

Leah Santer | Director of the Capital Campaign
The Seminaries of Saint Paul
— Joyful Catholic Leaders
| (651) 962-5791

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