Enhancing College Seminary Formation

Enhancing College Seminary Formation

Approximately 100 undergraduate men come to Saint John Vianney College Seminary (SJV) every year to discern their vocation and to establish a foundation for a joyful priesthood. At SJV, they receive the necessary faith formation and directed self-discovery to follow God’s will in their lives.

The seminary is more than a building. It is a home where seminarians become well-rounded men of faith and learn to make a sincere gift of themselves to others. The environment where they pray, study and build community is an important part of their discernment process.

$10 million will be used to enhance the current facilities to meet the needs of today’s formation program and adequately support the spiritual and community life of the seminary.

Enhancements include:

  • An expanded chapel
  • Priest residence rooms
  • Guest rooms for visiting bishops and vocation directors
  • Meeting space for spiritual direction
  • Multipurpose room with kitchen for community meals
  • Classroom for spiritual and human formation conferences
  • Staff offices

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