Each Quinn conference, since the first in 2009, has been an important and beautiful ecclesial moment. Biblical scholars teaching in Catholic seminaries have had a place to engage each other where not only their highly trained intellects are welcome, but the faith they confess and live as well, seeing as essential the interaction and complementarity of exegesis and theology. The sense of communion, fraternity and peace have been palpable fruit of the welcomed and acknowledged presence of the Holy Spirit.

We continue to entrust the work and efforts of the Quinn Institute, including further scholarly publications based on the work of the conferences, to the Holy Spirt that it all might contribute further to the formation of priests and lay faithful who will be ever more prepared and enabled to make known the life-giving presence of the Holy Trinity revealed to us through the Word of God, Jesus Christ.

I am grateful and humbled to say that I have been told, by those who knew him personally, that Msgr. Quinn would be pleased with our work. Thanks be to God.

Fr. Scott Carl