Saint Paul Seminary

The Saint Paul Seminary develops the next generation of Church leaders through formation of men for the priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church. Through the sacrament of Holy Orders, these men are formed as missionary disciples to lead and serve God’s people.

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Four ways to grow closer to St. Joseph

With the Year of Saint Joseph instituted by Pope Francis come and gone, what are some practical ways that we can uphold and stay devoted to the foster father of the Lord?

In the real world: Seminarian Nick Vance reflects on a summer spent with the Little Sisters of the Poor

“I don't have anything to offer these people except my presence and the grace of God working through me," Vance said.
joyful catholic leaders podcast image

Joyful Catholic Leaders Show: Out of the depths with Fr. Donald Calloway

Every priest has a vocation story. Then there’s that of Fr. Donald Calloway.
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Priests stand in front of the alter while the closing song plays during the Friends Mass and Breakfast in Saint Mary's Chapel on Sunday, April 22, 2018.

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