Saint Paul Seminary

The Saint Paul Seminary develops the next generation of Church leaders through formation of men for the priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church. Through the sacrament of Holy Orders, these men are formed as missionary disciples to lead and serve God’s people.

Seminary life, leadership through crisis have prepared Saint Paul Seminary alum Cozzens for next role as bishop

"I'm a person who loves adventures," Cozzens said. "To me, this is a great, new adventure ... for the sake of the Gospel."

Joyful Catholic Leaders Show: The countercultural choice to pursue the priesthood

Why would a young, outgoing guy ever willingly choose to pursue a life of celibacy and simplicity?

Strength and numbers: SPS sees unprecedented growth

“There’s so much brokenness in the world today. We need joyful, Catholic leaders to be present in the world." - Rector Father Joseph Taphorn
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Priests stand in front of the alter while the closing song plays during the Friends Mass and Breakfast in Saint Mary's Chapel on Sunday, April 22, 2018.

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