A Message from the Rector

Is God calling you to something heroic? What is your great mission in life?

Those who listen to the voice of the Father and follow as disciples of Jesus experience a joy beyond measure.

Saint John Vianney College Seminary is proud to serve the Church in raising up saintly men who will answer the call to sacrifice all for the love of Christ. Seminary life is marked by communal prayer, fraternity, evangelistic zeal, growth in virtue, and intellectual engagement. It is a house of discernment filled with encouragement.

If the Holy Spirit stirs your heart, come for a visit! Saint John Vianney College Seminary can serve you in the pursuit of holiness and the fulfillment of your vocation. I pray that the Lord grants you every grace to respond with courage to his calling, and I look forward to meeting you in person.

Rev. Michael C. Becker

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