Application Process

Step 1: Students who wish to apply to SJV must first contact their diocesan vocation director.
He will guide you through the application process for your diocese, the University of St. Thomas and Saint John Vianney College Seminary.

Step 2: Apply to the University of St. Thomas

Step 3: Apply to Saint John Vianney College Seminary 

Tuition, fees, room and board are all paid directly to the University of St. Thomas. Saint John Vianney seminarians live in the Saint John Vianney College Seminary building located on the main campus. Only seminarians reside in this building. The room fee is the average double room cost listed by the university. Board fees may vary, but seminarians can expect to use the average meal plan. Additional seminarian fees will include retreat and formation fees.

University of St. Thomas Tuition and Fees

SJV Tuition and Fees 2019-2020 (pdf)

Rector’s Scholarship

The Rector’s Scholarship is a need-based scholarship. Criteria is shared with seminarians in September. The SJV Rector chooses the recipients. Half of each recipient’s scholarship will be awarded in the fall semester and the other half in the spring semester.

Fr. William Baer Scholarship

Recognizing that higher education and authentic formation require significant financial resources, former Rector Fr. William Baer established a scholarship fund that would help seminarians take their first steps in priestly discernment and formation. This need-based scholarship is awarded throughout the academic year.

Msgr. Richard Schuler Scholarship

This scholarship is managed by the Catholic United Financial Foundation for seminarians in many of our sending dioceses. Criteria is provided to eligible seminarians in September and scholarships are distributed in December.

Knights of Columbus Scholarship

Seminarians who are active members of the Knights of Columbus are eligible for scholarships. Member seminarians are encouraged to contact their local chapter for more information.

Saint John Vianney College Seminary is committed to providing an affordable education to every student who receives a positive recommendation from his diocese. SJV provides additional scholarship assistance to seminarians when family, the University, and diocesan assistance programs do not cover financial needs.

As students of the University of St. Thomas, SJV seminarians enjoy the benefits of the University’s financial aid programs. The University will develop a financial package that includes federal, state and local sources of financial assistance, as well as student loans.

Undergraduate Financial Aid

Financial Services at the University of St. Thomas works with families to determine how much they can reasonably afford. You will be asked to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), a standard national guide for obtaining financial information. The University of St. Thomas uses the FAFSA to determine family contributions. FAFSA results take approximately two months to obtain. The university can then process your financial aid application. The university's priority deadline for financial aid is April 1.

SJV seminarians enjoy the benefit of the University of St. Thomas' many financial aid programs. The university will develop a financial package for you which includes the following:

  • federal, state and local sources of financial assistance
  • student loans

Many dioceses also provide financial support for seminarians. For more information about financial programs in your diocese, contact your vocation director.

SJV provides special assistance to seminarians when family, diocesan, and university assistance programs do not cover financial needs. For more information, please call (651) 358-3368. 

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