Rev. Michael Becker
Becker, Rev. MichaelRector, Saint John Vianney College Seminary(651) 358-3341
Alexander, Rev. MatthewFormator, Spiritual Director(651) 358-3344
Rev. Paul Gitter
Gitter, Rev. PaulSpiritual Director(651) 358-3336
Kearney, Rev. MichaelFormator, Spiritual Director(651) 358-3342
Kelly, Rev. Jonathan
Kelly, Rev. JonathanFormator, Spiritual Director(651) 358-3343
Rev. Joseph Kuharski
Kuharski, Rev. JosephFormator, Spiritual Director(651) 358-3338
Frame, MaryAdministrative Assistant(651) 358-3335
Leininger, DedeEvent Coordinator(651) 358-3339
Rosales, TizocDirector of AdvancementSJV: (651) 358-3345 or SPS: (651) 962-6843

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